hopepest that’s ME!

MiNG明 – I LOVE the great outdoors! Sun on my skin, sand between my toes, the smell of the ocean, the sound of silence on a mountain top, canoeing across a vast lake, trekking through a tropical forest, deep sea diving… Lies, these are all lies!1239401_10152323228368023_1860489055_n

Okay, here are some truths:

Fiction, obviously I like fiction.

I’m a private person, except when I’m seeking attention.

Humble, unless I’m showing off.

Don’t like trying new things, unless it’s been done before.

My eyes are partial to pretty things… My tastebuds enjoy being tantalised… Music has always soothed the savage beast, though silence can often be my best friend…

And of course… Moderation* was never my forte!

My mind wanders, much faster than I can keep up. Follow MiNG明 on instagram

*Including and not limited to procrastination…