Terry’s new vet: Allpets & Aqualife Clinic


Took Terry out from his mid morning soak… Nothing looked too odd until I checked on him again half an hour later… He was bleeding from his front right paw. Tried to rinse his wound. Few minutes later… He was still bleeding!

Long story short, three hours later the bathroom floor looked like a blood bath!

I rushed out to buy baking soda (some website advised to put some on the wound), hydrogen peroxide, and betadine…

Baking soda didn’t work…

I “called” a lifeline:

Seeing Terry in yet another pool of blood I rushed out to the nearest TCM to get the Yunnan Baiyao.

Amazingly… It worked!! I cleaned Terry’s wound with hydrogen peroxide and dabbed it with 云南白药 and the bleeding stopped!!

That was until Terry tried to escape from his sterile zone…

Monday :

In the morning there was a small pool of blood again.

I had no choice… He had to be brought to the vet (much later that afternoon.. Har har).

The clinic of choice?

Allpets & Aqualife
24 Jalan Kelulut
Seletar Hills Estate
Singapore 809041

They were recommended by Monster Pet Vet (Terry’s usual vet) earlier the same day when I called for an appointment. The doc that sees terrapins wasn’t on duty 😭

Of course as life would have it It was most fortuitous that Terry stopped bleeding by the time I decided to bring him to the vet.

Brought him in, waited his turn and was seen by Dr Nally Tan. He was weighted in at 1.9kg even after half a day of bleeding. Two years ago he weighed in at 1.3kg (if I didn’t get it wrong).

What I learnt –

  1. Terry’s wound was cos his nail broke off at the quick. Usually vets use potassium crystals/powder to stop the bleeding for dogs/cats/terrapins when clipping their nails.
  2. Terry’s nails should be cut regularly clipped (Dr Nally Tan and her trusty vet technicians lovingly gave Terry a pedicure).
  3. Terry does not typically eat every single day (try feeding 5 days and skipping 2 days).
  4. For Terry’s swollen right eye, I can flush it with saline. It probably swells when under pressure/stress (not sure if they meant physical or mental). If it’s infected I should check in for antibiotic eyedrops.
  5. Back to point 1 and 2, Terry’s long nails make it easier to chip, break or tear when he’s walking, climbing or trying to escape.

The vet recommended

  • Warm water dips twice a day
  • Sun basking
  • Try out a new (more balanced) terrapin food

The damage? $43… Less than our usual visits with a pedicure thrown in.

*P/s it was fun hearing people from the clinic calling Terry.. “Terry-Pin, calling for Terry-pin… The doctor will see you now.”