Someone once told me…

Someone once told me… Evil people just don’t die…

So how do you say no to your boss? Even when you’re swamped… Maybe just help them out..

Of course along the way you will have nice colleagues who will help you out too! Angels…

Some times they just offer you that helping hand when you least expect it.

Even though it’s not your job and not your fault that things happen in the most unfortunate manner, you get angry messages in the middle of the night. Messages that are most rude and distressing.

OK sure… Maybe it’s just me… Getting a whole spade of awful female bosses. I’m not being sexist, but it just seems like a lot of female bosses have this sense of entitlement.

This one in particular is by far the most hypocritical. Speak of human rights and recycling; yet takes advantage, lashes out on a whim, and after that feels that all is fine if she acts all nice. Should I be grateful when she smiles and is chatty?

📰 📰📰 📰 📰 📰📰 📰📰 📰📰 📰


God does send angels, before I sent my message to ask. I received a message:

I still wonder if I need to go get the form… But hope the rest of the day will go well…

📰 📰📰 📰 📰 📰📰 📰📰 📰📰 📰
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