Sushi @ Kappou Japanese Sushi Tapas Bar*

I recently celebrated a friend’s birthday at this little omakase place in Fortune Centre.

Needless to say I loved it so much I put away my procrastinating to pen my experience (after two days).

When you reach the second floor and head towards the restaurant, you’ll realise it’s a niche place that look more like a sushi bar.

It comfortably seats ten people and this one man run establishment has taken up to 19 people. This doesn’t mean you can dine here at the drop of a 📍 pin as the ingredients are selected by Chef Aeron Choo every day just for you!
First thing we noticed as we took out seats (and waited for the guest of honour), the utensils were all made in and came from Japan, Chef delightfully tells us that every plate, cup, chopstick holder (and everything else I left out) was personally selected and brought back from Japan 🇯🇵 by her!

Finally, after half an hour our G.O.H. arrived!

Without further ado I present to you our first dish:
Onsen Tamago

This Onsen Tamago topped with topped with Ikura and Truffle tastes splendid in dashi sauce.
Next up, the dish with the raunchiest name: Kinki Pâté

You can taste the hint of yuzu in this monkfish liver pâté… Full of fatty, creamy, citrusy goodness!

I just want to say… Every dish when presented is sets off little chimes in my mouth… Some chimes are just louder or more crisp then some. I’m going to slight over this dish but just know that it was there:

Seasonal sweet onion in fish stock infused with yuzu (as the name suggests, it was indeed sweet)

Alright, we are done with appetisers!

Our first serious course :
Two ✌ types of Uni on fresh Abalone with (fresh) Wasabi

The two types of Uni are actually long and short spiked 🌌 Uni, and no, I didn’t know there was more than one type.

Photo by Jess

The first official sushi: Maguro Tenmi sushi.

This tuna is the highest quality tuna in the market. Compared to toro, Tenmi (or red meat) is a leaner meat, with a tamer flavor, and meatier texture. Chef said this particular cut is from a part of the tuna where there is little or no muscle 💪 and movement, hence though tenmi is a lean fish, the sushi itself wasn’t at all though!

I didn’t quite get the name of this fish right but I believe it should be Hamachi sushi

From here on almost everything melts in your mouth. Maybe it’s how the Chef balances the fish to rice proportion, there is never too much rice that it dilutes the taste of the fish.

Kappou Japanese Sushi Tapas Bar @ #02-10A Fortune Centre serves OMASAKE sets at $68+, $98+ and $128+

*2 March 2018: I just realised I wrote but never completed or published this post. We dined at Kappou in May 2017. Maybe I’ll complete it one day… Maybe I won’t… One thing’s for certain, you need to try this place out!

**For more photos follow this link!! Why stop at one?? Check this out too!