The works: 10 Days out of office… starting 19 June 09

Day 1 (Fri): ‘Fixed’ pc but instead got an official death cert. Brought Marx to e vet. Picked up 4 lovely Viet girls from SAV for 3D2N home stay at our place.

Day 2 (Sat): Brought e girls to Marina Square to shop and Pizza Hut for lunch (joined by Mom). Went on to Far East Plaza  (bumped into Faisal) then took a cab home by 6pm. Splitting headache, i slept by 9pm while e girls went out w aunt esther n Mom to see esplanade area then to carl’s ecp for supper.

Day 3 (Sun): Went to church, all e kids put on a dance item. After lunch sis took them out for movie and sent them back to SAV.

Day 4 (Mon): a.k.a. Week 2 of the Viet Kid’s English Summer Camp. Woke up really early and got to SAV byb 8.30am… apparently i only needed to be there by 9am or 9.30am cos the kids were just waking up. In total there were about 30 kids from 3 different (elite) schools in Vietnam, Hanoi.

1st half of the day they went through some warm up games, lessons, character building & journaling. After lunch the team from Combat Skirmish came to set up for the game. It was really fun and in the end the overall champions were of course the leaders.

After dinner, there was an after sharing session on how what we have learnt from the games.

I must say i have bugged poor ber and other friends (and even mom) thru the day mentioning how boring the day was for me. Well, what can i say, i am not naturally sociable nor did i find the great need to be… hmm… doesn’t help tt i got totally bugged that people keep asking how old i am or trying to fish out my age…  i’m definalely too old to answer such questions~!

Day 5 (Tue): this time i reached SAV at about 9am. The usual morning lessons proceeded. After lunch we were carted to Bedok Reservoir for our ‘forest adventure’. It was something i really didn’t expect what was coming next. I thought i was going for a nature walk but it really was a forest advanture~! I was one enlisted as an assisting instructor at one of the course points. T’was tiring but heaps of fun~!

Evening i left right after the course and headed to suntech for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and yes, it was before the official release~! T’was with Erin, Ber & Don; had tea with Min Hui & Erin afterwards. Lots of office updates~!

Today my mobile phone’s camera has gone to rest… new phone i’m aiming for W995~!

Day 6 (Wed): The days were getting better… i woke at 7.30am, then realised i only needed to be there in the afternoon… went back to sleep and reached there at 1pm. After their lunch we set out for THE AMAZING RACE~! this wasn to teach them about our nlocal public transport. 1st destination was Doby Ghaut MRT to the National Museum, next China Town, followed by Little India and lastly back to SAV.

After that i rushed back to the office to meet Jenn and walk over for our dance lessons. When she saw me she said that i looked like i just fort a war…

Day 7 (Thu): Morning there was a short lesson at SAV, then to Wild Wild Wet , i seriously didn’t realise i needed to bring my bathingsuit… so i could only sit on the side with the other girls that needed to side on the side.

Before we set off that spoilt one had to come and bug me… after ‘analysing me’ stating that i hardly smile, only talk when necessary and are a totally boring person probably cos i work in a bank, now she says that i don’t ever join in their activities. Like how can i ever be the most popular if i don’t? but really do i need to at all?

After Wild Wild Wet i scooted off to meet ber… dinner @ NYNY and chat and stuff (finally bought my dance shoes)~!

Day 8 (Fri): Woke late, well as late as i could since my blinds were removed to make way for the curtain rods (without rods). Evening went back to church for the little concert the kids put on (which was the same as the previous performance), the evening dragged… till we finally took group pix and i left.

Day 9 (Sat): Picked the kids up in the late afternoon and went to Carl’s Jr @ Marina Square. After dinner the girls shopped at Marina Square & Suntec. I felt kinda bad that ‘squrrel’ wasn’t able to get anything so i offered to buy her something. Immediately her face lit up.

Day 10 (Sun): Also known as the mad rush. After church we needed to rush the girls to the airport, cos there was (erroneous) info that their flight had been bumped up. When we got there we realised it wasn’t. Too late, we got the girls sandwiches from Pacific Coffee and once all of them grouped to check in we bid them farewell. ‘Squrrel’ gave us a farewell card that was kinda touching.

After that we went back for homemade sandwiches.

Dinner? Kuishin-Bo~! Tiff’s treat, for getting on the dean’s list~! Go Sis~!!!

After dinner i managed to pick up a new PC~!
(acer ASX1700(74MR464), WIndows Vista home premium with SP1, Intel Core 2 Duo processor E7400, 4GB DDR2 Memory, 640GB HDD, DVD-Super Multi nDL drive, NVIDIA GeForce G100 512MB, Wireless LAN)

All in all it was a good 10 Days… don’t think i’ll volunteer a gain though. Think it’s pretty amazing i did in the 1st place~! My leave wasn’t even meant to be late June but early June. It’s also really odd that mom would volunteer to home the kids over the weekend. Well, God provisions.