my all-in-all…

Lordship Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, I acknowledge my need of You and accept You as my Saviour, my Redeemer, my Lord and my Deliverer,
I invite You now to be the Lord of the whole of my life:
Lord of my mind and all my attitudes and my mental health
~ Lord of my body and my physical health
~ Lord of my spirit and all my worship
~ Lord of my family and all my relationships
~ Lord of my sexiality and its expression
~ Lord of all my work and service to you
~ Lord of all my material goods and needs
~ Lord of all my finances
~ Lord of all my emotions and all my reactions
~ Lord of all my will and all of my decisions
~ Lord of the manner and time of my death
Thank You that Your blood was shed that I might be set free

another week passed… what am i doing? strangly i’m waiting for time to pass… tuesday n wednesday after work i rushed off for a Healing Retreat held by Ellel Ministries… think it’s pretty good, if not a bit rushed… makes you re-evaluate things…

this week is an emotional down after a total high…

ended the friday at the 6range 4th anniversary D&D… this year it was held at giraffe… good stuff as usual… the usual prizes galore… this year we all walked back with something… pretty cool actually…